Oreo cookies have been around for over 100 years. That delicious cream sandwiched between two chocolate cookies can't be matched, though many have tried. In 2019, Nabisco pushed the cream further than it ever has before with a limited edition Oreo Most Stuf, the most cream ever in an Oreo. Now exactly one year later, they are back.

A little history of the cream in an Oreo. In 1974, Nabisco introduced Oreo Double Stuf which began the trend of increased cream and their use of the word "Stuf" with one F. It still remains a favorite, but it wasn't until 2013 that Oreo raised the stakes again with the Mega Stuf Oreo, with even more cream which is still available but in less quantities than Double Stuf. 2019 saw the introduction of Oreo Most Stuf, which judging by the title, is the theoretical maximum amount of cream you can squeeze between two cookies.

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There has been a lot of misconception over these cookies from those who have not seen them or tried them. Some people have said they're the size of a Whoppie Pie. They're not, but they do have a lot of cream. So much so that the cookies are barely able to stick to it.

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Does the cream taste the same? Yep, it's just that the quantity is up. If you're one of those people that likes the cookie more than the cream, then this is not the Oreo for you. If you love the cream, you'll be in heaven. I thoroughly suggest that you pull the cookies apart and scrape the cream off with your teeth. It will land on your tongue in one perfect circle of deliciousness.

We tried them during the Q Morning Show last year.


If you're looking for these in stores, you probably won't find them in the cookie aisle. I found my box at Hannaford totally by chance on its own display in the back of the store, so you'll have to keep your eye out for them. If you really want them, I'm sure a staff member would be willing to help fin them for you. And remember, they're limited edition, so they won't be around forever, but if this re-release is any indication, the will probably be back in January of 2020.

And by the way Nabisco. If you really want to make money hand over fist, sell the cream in a tub all on its own, like pudding. I'm all in.