Original Maine is a project of the Maine Flag Company and this is one Original Maine hot item!

While Maine Flag Company makes flags of all kinds, Original Maine's mission is solely to promote the original Maine flag by marketing a variety of products that feature the pine-tree-and-star design. They want a future when Maine restores this unique design and it is known the world over as the symbol of our state.

Combine that passion with the passion of Expose Design and the Pink was born.

Expose Design
Expose Design

100% of the proceeds from the sale of this shirt will go to the 18th annual Cans for a Cure. A charity dedicated to raising money to help those fighting breast cancer. The funds raised will go to the Dempsey Center and the Maine Cancer Foundation. Two organizations who work tirelessly to bring services, education and comfort to those fighting cancer.

Thank you Original Maine and Expose Design! I was first in line to get this shirt and I wear it proudly!



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