For all the good things about Facebook, it has a tendency to bring out the worst in people. Things people post can get some heated reactions. In the case of an Oxford woman, those reactions became a real world confrontation.

According to the Sun Journal, 33-year-old Sarah Green of Oxford was arrested after she broke into a woman's home in Norway on March 20. The woman in the home said in a affidavit that Green barged into her home and assaulted her over a Facebook post. When she asked her to leave, Green took a ceramic bowl the woman was eating from and threw it at her face, bruising it and punched her in the chest and left.

Green denies that she ever laid a hand on the woman but did admit to verbally assaulting her over the Facebook post and that she burst into the house when the woman wouldn't come out.

This is just more proof that Facebook would be a much nicer place if everyone just posted pictures of kittens.


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