Construction season is beginning in Maine and one project in Portland has shut down Preble Street in one direction leaving drivers not knowing what to do.

The eastbound lane from the intersection of Preble and Baxter Boulevard to Preble Street and Marginal Way has been closed this week as construction workers dig up the road to lay some sort of pipe. That lane closure has created a nightmare for traffic near Hannaford Supermarket because drivers are so confused when they come to the closure that they don't know where to go.

Preble Street Map

People who want to turn from Baxter Boulevard onto Preble aren't paying attention and come to a barrier preventing them from going any further, so they either move into the lane of oncoming traffic that is not closed or stop dead in their tracks and try to back up.

Then there's the exit onto Preble from Hannaford Supermarket where people want to turn right and have to be rerouted through the Back Cove Trail parking lot to go the other direction. In the dumbest move of all time, a driver turning right actually cut me off by driving right in front of me to go back into the parking lot as I was exiting to turn left. She's lucky she didn't get t-boned, it was that close.

So if you happen to have any plans to travel near here in the next few days, remember that you cannot travel east toward downtown Portland on Preble near the Back Cove Trail parking lot. Find yourself an alternate route and don't be like these people and nearly cause an accident.

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