What a great win for the Patriots against the Jags. ANOTHER trip to the Super Bowl...can you believe it?. One of the best things about any Pats victory is that you get an 87 cent Medium Coffee from our great friends at Dunkin' Donuts! And the Dunkin on Monday is gonna taste so sweeeeeeeeeeeet! That's the taste of victory my friend!

Pats Win-You Win! Just make sure you're a DD Perks member!


Now an 87 cent Medium coffee from Dunkin' is great. But did you know each Patriot received something as well for their  AFC Championship win? A $51,000 BONUS! Actually, all the Jag players did too.


Here's how the bonus structure works this year in the NFL. If the Pats go all the way they can win $191,000 in bonus money. That's 219,540 Dunkin' Donut Medium Coffees!

Divisional playoffs

Both Winners and losers receive: $28,000

Conference championships

Winners and losers: $51,000

Super Bowl 

Winners: $112,000---Losers: $56,000

Pro Bowl

Winners: $64,000---Losers: $32,000

Your 87 cent Dunkin Donuts coffee will make you feel like this.....woooooohoooooooo!


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