A couple of vacation places in Maine want Mainers to staycation this summer.


When COVID-19 became a global pandemic, reservations were cancelled left and right to many Maine destinations. That could be devastating for many small businesses who rely on out of state vacationers to keep them going.

News Center Maine reported that two businesses in Maine are trying something new, to have YOU set the price on a rental. Aaron Sprague, who owns Acadia Yurts, a luxury camping spot in Southwest Harbor, said that as soon as the word pandemic was used, people cancelled their trips. Starting in June, they are allowed to open, but only to Mainers. That's when they decided to offer pay-what-you-can for the month of June.

Aaron Sprague told News Center Maine,

We didn’t put in any kind of minimums. We didn’t even give any suggestions as to what they could pay.


That's a heck of a deal. 30-foot yurt rented for a week during the peak summer season can be between $1200 and $1500 - but not for you! Name your price. It's a clever way to stay open and let Mainers experience something they may not have.

The managers at Newagen Seaside Inn in Southport, heard about this plan and decided to hop on board too! They've had an overwhelming response and so has Acadia Yurts. Why not stick around and help out some small businesses - what do you want to pay?



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