Finally a show I can watch with the kids and not want to poke my eyes out!


I know this Netflix series has been out for a while, but I thought...what if you don't know about it!

The television series started after the first 'Dragon' movie came out back in 2012, on the Cartoon Network. But then Netflix picked up and the show now has six seasons.


I adore the movies and I am in love with this series. I swear, it beats all those Disney shows with teenagers as stars. It's clever, smart, sweet and FUNNY! Just check out the names of the characters:

  • Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III (the star)
  • Astrid
  • Snotlout
  • Ruffnut
  • Tuffnut
  • Fishlegs
  • Gobber


If you are always sitting in pain trying to get through what your kids are watching, try this series on Netflix. I think you'll really enjoy it (maybe even more than the kids)

According to Common Sense Media, parents say ages 5+ and kids say 11+.  Our kids are 9 and 12, and they ALL love it. Try getting that consensus!

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