I guarantee you can do this trick, and I guarantee your more easily astounded friends will be blown away. This morning, Lori grabbed a chewed up pencil (her dog Casco loves to bite the eraser part after her cat swats them onto the floor), and demonstrated a trick she used to do in school. If you thread the pencil in between your fingers as she does in the video below and get your knee ready, you'll be able to replicate this trick in no time:

I'll admit, it's a pretty creative way to break a pencil. But... why are we breaking pencils again? Just cause the eraser is broken off? Who knows. As long as you do it in a fancy way, everyone around you will want to try it themselves so you'd better have a collection of used pencils handy to hand out to all your friends. Add this to the list of useless, but cool stuff Lori has taught us all!

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