A part of everyone's childhood got a redesign after pressure from PETA, but there's one other thing that the animal rights activists overlooked.

Since 1902, Nabisco has been the makers of Barnum's Animals Crackers and they have come in a small box with a handle that was designed to look like a circus wagon. For many of those years, the box showed the animals in cages, as one would expect of a circus wagon. The wheels of the wagon at one point could be punched out and folded down to stand up and there was a clown on the box top that could be punched out and folded to be a part of the circus. It was its very own playset.

All that has changed now after PETA made a push for Nabisco to redesign the package to depict the animals free to roam rather than in cages. So Nabisco did, and now the animals are free.

Kris Kirst/KNUE
Kris Kirst/KNUE

Okay, so I get it. The times change and I'm okay with that even though I'll miss the classic design from my childhood that has remain largely unchanged

It does make me wonder though. If PETA is so concerned about depicting animals in cages, why aren't they more concerned about the fact that we are eating the animals by biting their heads off first? Don't tell me you don't do that, because you do. Even as an adult.

Think about it.

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