Food trucks are pretty commonplace in the biggest cities in Maine like Portland, but that doesn't mean they're only there. I mean, they have wheels right? So how cool would it be to have one of these trucks at your outdoor wedding this summer, but instead of serving food, they're serving adult beverages?

Maine Mixologist owner Misty Coolidge spent a lot of time bartending weddings and other events and decided she was going to go into business herself and came up with a unique spin on the bartending experience for outdoor weddings and events.

In 2021, The Whiskey Girl Mobile Bar was born. It looks just like a food truck, but if you ask me, this is better than a lobster roll. Okay...maybe it's a tie.

If you're planning a wedding or another outdoor event, you can book The Whiskey Girl Mobile Bar for $350 which includes high tops, stools, a bench, and an awning in case it rains, but they say that's good luck for a wedding. I've been to outdoor weddings where it rained hard, and it wasn't good luck for me when I got completely soaked.

Misty will sit down with you and plan what you'll need for your event and send you on your way to go shopping for what you're going to need to stock the bar with.

If you're interested, you probably should book now so that you don't get shut out for the date you want. Now if you also hire a food truck to come as well, send me an invite to your wedding. You'll find me with a whiskey sour and a grilled cheese sandwich. Don't judge.

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