The war on drugs is slowly coming to an end. How do we know? Police here in New England are fighting back against drug laws.

This week, police in Gloucester, Massachusetts decided that instead of arresting heroin addicts in their city, they'll help them out by rehabilitating them instead of imprisoning them.

Sounds like a great idea, right?

The real question is: Does it work?

Will drug offenders stop using if they get the help they need and turn things around? The police in Gloucester hope so.

This is the facebook post that came from the Gloucester PD that made headlines around the country:

PLEASE READ THIS POST:On Saturday, May 2, the City held a forum regarding the opiate crisis, and on how Gloucester has...

Posted by Gloucester Police Department (Official) on Monday, May 4, 2015


According to the Good News Network, police in the seaside town will start using money seized from drug dealers to provide addicts’ families and pharmacies with Narcan free of charge. The life-saving drug, if administered at the scene, can reverse an overdose.

What would you think if your local PD here in Maine made a similar decision?

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