Police are warning area businesses to be on the look out for these fake 100 dollar bills. Um...you have to be warned about these?

On Wednesday, the Yarmouth Police Department posted this warning on their Facebook page:

On Monday and Tuesday this week, a couple of local businesses accepted several fraudulent one hundred dollar bills. Upon further investigation, we learned that other area departments are also dealing with businesses being victimized by fraudulent bills and that this is a nationwide epidemic. We have included photos of the fraudulent bills for public information, however, we are encouraging businesses to check paper bills with a c counterfeit money detection pen. The bills that we have taken into custody as evidence all have “FOR MOTION PICTURE USE ONLY” scribed on the front of the bill.


A suspect has been taken into custody and charged, but there may be a large number of the fake bills in circulation. We are asking all businesses to be extra vigilant when taking in cash and as always, contact your local police department if you receive any counterfeit money.


Yikes. If you accept this 100 dollar bill you must have been in a wicked hurry.


Where it's supposed to say 'The United States of America' it says 'For Cinematic Use Only'. There's so much wrong with this fake money...

I can't even use a 20 without someone whipping out that 'counterfeit pen' thingy.

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