First, restaurants were being closed due to the pandemic, and now, of course, live venues as Port City Music Hall are closing. The spot has announced that it will be closed for good as of Wednesday.

This news saddens the city known for its food and eclectic music and nightlife. The lines outside of the Music Hall always had a surge of electricity to them the night of a show.

The venue made sure they brought you some tremendous regional acts that were both comfort food as well as acts that were on their way to blowing up and being larger than life!

Either way, that empty venue will have a place in all of our hearts.

Here's what the Port City Music Hall posted on their Facebook page today as they said goodbye to Portland.

I'm sure we all can hope that the Port City Music Hall will be one of the only few venues to be closed under these circumstances. In reality, we know that that might not be the case.

When music comes back, make sure you buy a ticket, and you support your artists who are currently unemployed, and you support the venues that bring you these artists and the people that work there.

We all need music to survive. It keeps us going. It keeps the blood in our veins. It keeps us moving and innovative. It makes us smile and keeps us sane through the tough times, like right now.

New venues will eventually open after COVID-19, but none will have the effect that the Port City Music Hall did for the millennial Mainer.

What was your favorite memory at the Music Hall?

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