Portland artist, Lincoln Peirce, has been drawing 'Big Nate' since 1981. It's about to become a series on Nickelodeon.


According to the Portland Press Herald, the comic strip and kid's book character is going to finally become a cartoon series on Nickelodeon. Lincoln Peirce, who calls Portland his home, is excited...kind of.

He knows that some times projects that get the green light, never get off the ground. Nickelodeon has not picked a start date, but the series would be called, 'Big Nate' and there would be 26 episodes to start.

If you don't know Big Nate, then you are missing out. Lincoln created Nate, an 11-year-old sixth grader and his friends and the adventures they get into. It's been in over 400 newspapers as a comic strip and a best-selling series of books.

Big Nate/Amazon
Big Nate/Amazon


I had no idea that Lincoln Peirce was from Portland. Big Nate is a favorite in my home and any home that has had a sixth grader in it. It would make an amazing series for Nickelodeon.

The executive vice president of animation production and development for Nickelodeon, Ramsey Naito, said...

‘Big Nate’ is a book title I’ve wanted to translate into a series for a long time, and I am so happy this awesome, super-funny character is coming to Nickelodeon.


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