The Portland Police Department shared a message on Facebook Thursday that seems like a no-brainer to most people, but after what happened last week, clearly, some need a reminder of the obvious.

Within a three-hour time period spanning from late Friday, December 10 to early Saturday, December 11, Portland Police charged four people in four separate incidents, with operating under the influence.

21-year-old Jackman Webber-Graiver of Falmouth, 40-year-old Jaime Antonio Nunez of Westbrook, 28-year-old Theresa Butler, of Portland and 39-year-old Mark Flavin of Old Orchard Beach were all charged with OUI with three hours of each other. The four were under the influence of alcohol, marijuana and/or a combination of other drugs. That impairment caused the drivers to speed, almost hit pedestrians, drive through red lights and through closed construction zones.

With this rash of incidents, The Portland Police wanted to remind drivers of the dangers of operating under the influence. In their Facebook post state that "Experts advise that driving impaired while drunk or drugged is inherently dangerous to the driver and the public–and is more dangerous when drivers are impaired by multiple intoxicants."

We all should know this, but it's a good reminder to get a designated driver if you have been drinking or doing anything else that will impair your driving. If you see a friend who is under the influence who attempts to drive, offer to give them a ride home to keep them and innocent bystanders safe.

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