As of today, Portland Police Officers are allowed to have tattoos.

A memo was released on the department's Facebook page stating,

"The Portland Police Department is excited to announce a new policy change. Up until recently, the department has had a very strict policy regarding the visible display of tattoos while in uniform. In the past, tattoos have been viewed as unprofessional and unacceptable in professions across the country."

The memo then went on to say,

"Today, tattoos are viewed more as a form of self-expression and are much more socially acceptable. By modifying our current tattoo policy, we hope to reach a new group of highly qualified applicants."

This is a notable change on behalf of the Portland Police, as I am sure this will open the talent pools to hire new officers.

There are limits to this sweeping change as face and neck tattoos are still banded under the current rules.

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