Another Nor'Easter has come to Maine and is causing power outages as it moves across the state. Here's a list of where it's out and what you should do if your power goes out.

If you should lose your power, you can contact CMP to let them know by calling 1-800-696-1000 or filling out the form at the link below if you don't see your street listed. Be sure to have your CMP account number of phone number ready.

If you still have power, make sure you keep your cellphone charged, and if you've lost power, be patient. CMP has crews on the road including crews from other states and even Canada here to help get the power back on as quickly as they can. If you have an emergency, of course, call 911 for help. Stay home, stay safe.

Here are the current number of power outages that have been reported to CMP. Clicking on a county will let you see what towns have outages and how many, and clicking the town will show you what streets have lost power.

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