As much as we don't want this to be political, the coronavirus most certainly is.

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Governor Janet Mills is in a lose-lose. If you re-open too fast, the virus can make a comeback, if you open too slow, businesses will suffer and may not survive.

The fight is real and the losses are huge. One restaurant in Bethel, Sunday River Brewing, opened against the state orders this past weekend. That prompted the Governor to pull the restaurant license and that automatically pulled his liquor license. That has prompted an online fight that got the attention of the President.


Maine is currently in phase one of re-opening. Social distancing, disinfecting and face masks in public are a big part of phase one. Rick Savage's opening of his restaurant ignored most of those and put his employees and patrons at potential risk. But will the cure be worse than the virus? Are you ready to sit less than six feet away from someone at a restaurant?



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