This morning I asked my coworkers if pregaming a night out was a thing when they were my age. One couldn't remember (sounds like she probably over-pregamed) and another said the pregame was not a common ritual in his close circle of friends.

One element of pregaming that I know and love is the Shower Beer. If you're really trying to turn it up to 11 for a night out and want to multitask as you get cleaned up, the Shower Beer is for you. Nothing beats an adult beverage as the hot water streams over you and you suds up with your Axe Lady Slayer body potion.

But what happens if you crack a 12-ounce Bud Light and finish shampooing before the few last swigs of watered down beer? Luckily, a company in Sweden knows the struggle and has created a solution.

Introducing the official Shower Beer by PangPang Brewery.

At just 6-ounces it's easy to finish during your shower and it's 10% alcohol by volume so it's just as efficient.

No word on when (or if) we'll be able to snatch the Shower Beer stateside, but an innovation this good has got to spread, right?

What's your pregame ritual? Do you love a shower beer before a night out?

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