Maine is a state that had an abundance of wildlife. Some you see quite often, like birds, squirrels, turkeys and groundhogs. The larger animals like moose and black bears are much more elusive, so when they do make an appearance, it's a big deal.

One of those very elusive animals is the Canada Lynx. According to the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife, the Canada Lynx is common in Aroostook,  and Piscataquis counties and northern Penobscot, Somerset, Franklin and Oxford Counties. Lynx were built for the snow, so they are found in areas that typically have the deepest snow in the state, although they are starting to appear further east in Maine. Their long legs and very furry feet allow them to travel in deep snow with ease.

Dianna Goodall of Amity, Maine was one of the lucky few that got to see not one, but three Lynx on the side of the road. Amity is a small town in southeastern Aroostook County and borders Canada.

The videos she shared on her Facebook page captured two lynx on the right side of the road and a third on the left. All of them looked right at Goodall in her car as she took the video while they seemed to ponder if they were going to cross the road or not.

Eventually, the one on the left side of the road quickly crossed to meet the other two. I'm no wildlife biologist, but since the lynx that crossed the road appeared to be smaller than the other two, I think it's safe to assume that it was the offspring of the other two.

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