That old saying that March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb didn't hold true this year thanks to a month of below normal temperatures and more snow than most of us would have liked. Things may finally start to change next week and we might see temperatures reaching the 70s.

WCSH 6 meteorologist and smedium shirt wearer Keith Carson shared this weather map showing a forecast that for once doesn't mean we would have to grab our shovels.

Okay so it's not a lock, but we'll take it. Sure, this winter wasn't all that bad considering it took some time for the snow to get here, but when it did it seems like it made up for lost time. Now with a full week into April, we're ready for spring weather, light jackets, firing up grills and dare we say it....flip flops?

Remember though, the meteorologists are just the messengers, and things could change in a week's time. We'll keep Keith's address to ourselves so you don't go toilet papering his house if this goes horribly wrong.

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