When I began writing this article, it was currently the coldest morning of the 2022 fall season. As a matter of fact, at 6:30 am on Monday, October 3r, it was 33 degrees in Central Maine.

And, with the weather inevitably getting colder and colder, many Mainers are now thinking about topping off their home heating fuel tanks, whether it be #2 oil, kerosene or even propane. And, did you know, that the Governor's Energy Office and Maine.Gov are constantly keeping track of the average costs of all these fuel prices?

According to Maine.Gov, the average price of heating oil was $4.40 which, for a 275 gallon tank, would cost $1,210.00 for a complete fill up. That average price is a few cents cheaper in downeast Maine and a few cents higher to the south. These prices are as of September 26, 2022.

For Mainers who heat with kerosene, the average price for the Central Maine region was $5.14 per gallon as of 9-26-22. That means that 275 gallons of K-1 would cost a Mainer, on average, $1,413.50.

If, like me, you heat using propane, you'll be happy to know that it is currently the cheapest home heating fuel that is monitored by the Governor's Energy Office. The average price of propane for Central Maine was $3.24 as of 9-26-22. For twin 100 gallon tanks, that would cost a Central Mainer about $648.00 for a complete fill up.

Governor's Energy Office via Maine.Gov
Governor's Energy Office via Maine.Gov

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