If you love tacos as much as I do, you're going to want to know about this. According to New Center Maine, there's been a taco seasoning mix recall. The products, labeled "Great Value Mild Taco Seasoning Mix" and "H-E-B Taco Seasoning Mix Reduced Sodium," were sold at Wal-Mart. Williams Foods LLC issued the recall because the cumin spice used in the mix was involved in another recall, because of possible salmonella contamination. Luckily, there have been no reports of anyone getting sick over it. But if you have it on your shelves at home, it's probably a safe bet to toss it. Or better yet, you can bring it back to where you bought it for a full refund. Here's the information you'll need to check:

Great Value Mild Taco Seasoning Mix (Item Number: 564829444)

- Product Size: 1 oz

- Product UPC: 0 78742 24572 0

- Product Dates:

  • Best if used by 07/08/21
  • Best if used by 07/09/21

H-E-B Taco Seasoning Mix Reduced Sodium (Item Number: 050215)

- Product Size: 1.25 oz

- Product UPC: 0 41220 79609 0

- Product Dates:

  • Better by 07/10/21
  • Better by 07/11/21
  • Better by 07/15/21


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