Think ATVs, dirt bikes and snowmobiles. The Mechanic Falls Planning Board approved Greene resident Matthew Weeks' proposal for 'Redneck Fun Park', a small-engine racing oval on a portion of the Mechanic Falls property formerly known as the Harvest Hill Farms on Pigeon Hill Road.

The property was the site of the former Pumpkin Land, where a hayride gone horribly wrong in 2014 injured dozens of visitors and killed 17-year-old Cassidy Charette. Since then, the land has sat unused.

According to the Press Herald, Weeks plans to build a 200-foot-by-400-foot track complete with obstacles for motorized vehicles under four cylinders, and run individual time trials for ATVs, dirt bikes, and snowmobiles in winter. The park will only be open from 10am to 6pm every other weekend and the cost is expected to be $10 per person.

Weeks says that the name 'Redneck Fun Park' is intended to reflect a family-friendly atmosphere.

“All the drinking, all the party stuff like that can all stay somewhere else.”

Redneck Fun Park was slated to host its grand opening on July 14th, but canceled their facebook event with a message for its followers:

We have some unfortunate news. Due to several demands coming from the town, we won't be able to have our Grand Opening weekend until later in the season. This makes us very sad and frustrated to have to cancel our event next weekend.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE continue to follow our page and we will provide updates when we can. Also, in the meantime, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE call the town hall to voice your complaints and desire to have Redneck Fun Park up and running! We really appreciate all of your love and support! Please call 345-2871 and let them know how much you would love to have Redneck Fun Park run amazing event weekends that includes dirt/mud races, overnight parking, and overall good family fun for all ages!

For anyone that has won/received free admission tickets, PLEASE HOLD ON to them, we will still honor them when we eventually open.

We will provide updates when we can and let you know when we are a complete green to go!

Redneck Fun Park via facebook
Redneck Fun Park via facebook

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