When you travel over the bridge carrying Route 1 over the Sheepscot River between Wiscasset and Edgecomb during the summer, it's hard to miss Red's Eats. Home to one of the most famous lobster rolls in Maine, Red's attracts tourists from all over the country thanks to the rave reviews it has gotten on travel sites and magazines.

I've been myself, and the hype is real. I've had just about everything on the menu and it's all delicious. Just take a look at the lobster roll and try not to drool.

According to Red's Eats website, they go through 14.5 tons of fresh lobster meet each season from mid-April to mid-October and serve 4 to 6 gallons of french, shucked Maine clams a day. Those sheer numbers show you just how busy they get.

Red's Eats is opening for the season on Monday, April 18 and they, like so many other small businesses in Maine, are looking to hire and they will train.

If you aren't looking for a job and just want to get your fill of one of those delicious lobster rolls, this is the time to do it before the tourists arrive. In the heat of the summer, the lines can be long, but they aren't nearly as long in the spring.

They've got something for everyone from lobster, clams, scallops, shrimp and haddock for seafood lovers to burgers, chicken tenders, nuggets and sandwiches for those that aren't seafood fans. Go get it while the getting is good!

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