Have you been to the Maine Mall recently?

The South Portland shopping spot has over 100 stores (including restaurants) as of this post, according to mainemall.com, and new businesses keep popping up.

If you were ever worried about the idea that all malls are dying, a report from Dallas Market Center said that "consumer behavior continues to showcase the central role that malls play in the U.S. retail landscape."

This staple Maine location isn't going anywhere anytime soon.

But that doesn't mean there hasn't been change or loss over the years. It does happen. New stores have been built, renovations have taken place, and once big-name businesses have gone defunct.

Take a huge store like Jordan Marsh back in the day. It was the first store to open (1969) at the site of what would be the Maine Mall. Sadly, it would eventually close its doors.

And you can see how much the area was built up only seven years later.

And there have been countless other places that have come and gone at the mall.

Oh, how amazing it would be to shop at KB Toys again, right? Who else remembers the Disney Store?

Let's take a nostalgia trip down memory lane and revisit some of the stores that used to be at the Maine Mall. (And we wish we could shop at just one more time.)

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Here are some stores that used to exist at the Maine Mall in South Portland but now are there no longer.

Gallery Credit: Sean McKenna

What are your memories of these places? What other Maine Mall stores have come and gone do you remember or wish was still around?

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