For more than two decades, the Auburn Mall was the retail destination for everyone that lived in the twin cities and surrounding communities. Whether you were shopping for clothes, books, shoes or just visiting Santa, the Auburn Mall seemingly had it all. So let's take a trip down memory lane and reminisce about when the Auburn Mall had it all.


For some, this was their go-to bookstore in the Lewiston/Auburn area. Before you could order your books on Amazon, Waldenbooks always had the latest hard covers and paperback releases.

Spencer Gifts

There's still a Spencer Gifts store in the Maine Mall, but for Lewiston/Auburn residents throughout the 80's and 90's, Spencers was the only place to go for joke gifts, band apparel or truly peculiar and weird nicknack. The store front at the Auburn Mall looked a lot like the one pictured above.

Dream Machine

Before we all had powerful video game systems in our homes or our hands, arcades were the masters of the universe. The Dream Machine adjacent to one of the entrances to the Maine Mall once was so busy, they had a bouncer because of fire code.

Thom McAn

Once upon a time, Thom McAn was one of preeminent shoe retailers in the country. Founded in New Hampshire, Mainers felt a connection with the brand. The brand still lives on, but the retail stores, complete with very attentive employees, are a thing of the past.


For many, they did not realize that Porteous wasn't a national chain. Instead, Porteous was headquartered in Portland, before expanding to open stores throughout New England. Porteous shut down in the Auburn Mall in 2002, and it became a devastating closure to eastern wing of the mall.

 K B Toys and Hobby Shop

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For kids (and adults) throughout the L/A area, K B Toys was the exclusive place to go to get the hottest new toys and video games in the area. The K B location in the Auburn Mall was small, but that was part of its charm.

 The Swiss Pretzel

For teenagers, the Swiss Pretzel was the perfect place to kick off a Friday night before hitting the Dream Machine or the local theater. Their huge Bavarian pretzels and cheese were a hit, and for a long time, the Swiss Pretzel had the only Icee machine in the area. You could grab something similar to what is pictured above.

 Papa Gino's

If you grew up in Lewiston/Auburn, it was a bit perplexing as to why there was only ONE Papa Gino's location in Maine. Papa Gino's was ahead of the curve in Maine, as they were one of the first places to offer up pizza by the slice.


If you needed the latest hot cassette single, your options were limited in Lewiston/Auburn. That made Musicland a destination store, and it's placement next to Kay Bee toys didn't hurt its foot traffic.


The Auburn Mall had a host of other stores that people fondly remember. Share your memories of the Auburn Mall on our Facebook page!