Camden, Maine has a rich, yet haunted history. That's one of many things you'll discover if you take the Red Cloak Haunted History Tour of this quaint little town. Sally Lobkowicz is the director of the agency. She is the one wearing the red cloak and traditional garb from the 1800’s as she leads people through the walking tour of downtown Camden. Lobkowicz shares the secret stories of Camden along with its "mysteries and haunts" and centuries-old superstitions, according to her website. One of the favorite tales is the ghost in the apple tree that was supposedly discovered by a guest around 2009. Red Cloak claims she took a picture and "captured an incredible orb in the tree."

Patrons will enjoy a 90 minute walk of the area during this lantern lit tour of Camden. The website claims it is a family-friendly event. Reservations are required, and can be made online or by calling 207-380-3806.

Check out this aerial view of downtown Camden, Maine.:

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