Do you ever get that filling up the back of your neck? Goose you know it could be a spirit of a loved one hanging out with you!

Aura Nightclub
Aura Nightclub


Do you ever get that chilling feeling that you are NOT alone? Have things ever fallen off shelves on their own around you? Doors open and close? Or, walk into a room that is freezing cold with no A/C on? You could be experiencing a passed loved on trying to show you they are there with you. Would you like to know what they has to tell you?

Rock n Roll Psychic Sonny Robinson can help with that. For years, he has been hearing from spirits and have told many people what those spirits are trying to communicate to them. He as predicted births, the sex of babies, and even told some they have an illness to take care of. He is having a session at Aura Nightclub here in Portland this Saturday, February 17th. Click here to buy your ticket and find out what may be in store for you!

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