We've seen it time and again. Some poor little animal, often a baby, gets stuck somewhere, whether it's a container or a sewer or a home, and they can't seem to get out.

But it's always wonderful when a story that could technically have a tragic ending gets a happy one thanks to someone stepping up to help out.

In this latest endeavor, two Rockland Maine police officers took a Mother's Day call to rescue 10 baby ducklings and reunite them with their own mother, according to a Facebook post from the police department.

The ducklings had reportedly fallen through a sewer grate and Sgt. Dan Duhamel and Officer Logan Finnegan were quick to jump into the sewer and help. The Facebook post even mentioned several feet of water, but that didn't deter police from their rescue.

Would that have stopped you?

Watch the Facebook video of the rescue right here, and see the two officers take no time in helping the ducks.

Notice how small that hole is, too. That's no easy fit. Thankfully, it was only the ducks down there and not any killer clowns. (You know how Maine can be...)

You can even see the mother duck waiting for her babies, and if she could talk, I'm sure she'd say thank you.

Again, this is just one more example of New Englanders (and New England law enforcement) stepping up to help out some animals in need.

Remember some of the other special rescues that have happened just this year?

We're talking about Maine firefighters that rescued multiple dogs that fell through the ice in March. Or what about Maine State Police rescuing a wounded owl in the middle of I-95 in February? Or what about these dogs that got lost in freezing temps from Maine and NH?

And that's just a few of the ones we've even heard about.

So thanks again to the Rockland Police Department for that Happy Mother's Day duck rescue, and thanks to all of you New Englanders that have helped rescue animals in need. And a future thanks to any of you who will step up soon enough when another dog, duck, owl, or other little critter will need your help.

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