Sam Smith could potentially win an Oscar tonight (February 28) for Best Original Song. And just in case he gets nervous, his dad surprised him with a lucky charm.

However, the gift wasn't necessarily for the actual award. Instead, it was...a green banana.

"Hope you get lucky at your after-show party," the banana reads. Leave it to Dad to make things awkward — and of course, Sam just had to share the unique gift by posting it on Instagram.

"Thanks dad for the good luck present 😩," he captioned the photo.

The gifts don't stop ther:. During his interview with Ryan Secrest on the 2016 Oscars red carpet, the American Idol host presented him with a cup of tea, as well as milk that came all the way from the UK, which Sam wished he had during the Grammys.

"You have no idea how many conference calls there were about the British milk, literally last night up until 8:45, 9 at night," Ryan explained.

Taking his tea with only milk, Sam walked away a happy man.

"Cheersy," Sam said before taking a sip. "To the Queen!"

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