It's official! Samantha Ramsdell does have the world's largest mouth!


The Guinness Book of World Records has officially named Sam's mouth as 'the largest mouth gape' (female). Yay!

Sam is incredibly talented. Sure she has a huge, uh, gaping mouth - but also sings, is funny, witty and wicked nice! She can thank Covid for her huge success on TikTok. She moved from Scarborough to try and make it big in NYC! And just about the time she was going for it, Covid hit!

That shut the world down and her opportunities - and that's just about the time that TikTok exploded and so did Sam and her funny slant on life and her big ol' mouth!


As Sam is quick to remind anyone who thinks THEY could do this - uh, no. She is a self-proclaimed mouth professional. She has 1.6 followers on TikTok, over 85k on Instagram...and she's doing stand-up in Connecticut!



But wait there's more! Here's what is part of her bio to promote the stand-up show in Norwalk!

Samantha Ramsdell currently lives outside of New York City as a singer, songwriter and comedian. She's the lead singer of the "9 of Hearts” Dance Band, trains with Manhattan Comedy, Upright Citizens Brigade, and Groundlings in improv and stand up comedy, and regularly takes the stage in both regional and Off-Broadway productions. Most recently, Samantha released her first single "Can't Be the Only One", now available on all streaming platforms, and was named one of the "Top 5 New Internet Comedians to Follow in 2020 and a “New Rising Artist to Watch” by New York Weekly. When she's not singing or writing music, she's hanging out with her 4 cats and her chiweenie, Prudence.

Wait, she has a single out too! Yup!


She loves her home state of Maine and is back often! Keep an eye out for this immense talent!

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