Okay, we're sick and tired of all of this snow, but we are definitely in store for more in the shape of another blizzard here in Maine that could leave anywhere from 12- to 18 inches of new snow in its wake this weekend. Yikes!

According to WGME.com, the storm is supposed to get underway sometime on Saturday afternoon and snow will continue to fall throughout the day Sunday before it winds down Sunday night.

So what is the best thing we can do to get through this second blizzard together? Let's post our blizzard photos on the WJBQ Facebook page so we can see what this blizzard is doing in your neck of the woods. On Monday, we'll create a new image gallery that will showcase all of your pics.

In the meantime, make sure you get to the store and stock up on plenty of food, water and batteries in case we have some power outages and be safe.

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