Last Christmas, we had singer/songwriter Amy Allen in the Q studio while she was home for Christmas break. She had moved to LA after attending Berklee school of music in Boston and her song Back to You, sung by Selena Gomez, had been a huge hit in 2018. You'd think this kind of success would go to a girl's head, but Amy is down to earth as ever - friendly, talkative, and playful as we discussed non-music topics with her after catching up on all her latest projects.


At the time, she teased a collaboration with Halsey, though I don't remember if we even announced it at the time, since it was in its earliest stages. Their song "Without Me" has since blown up, reaching No. 1 on the Billboard Hot One Hundred this year and further rocketing Amy's career in music. Her latest news: a new record deal with Warner Music, according to the Press Herald.

The new deal will give Amy the opportunity to release her own music, as she's not only a genius writer of music, but a phenomenal singer and musician as well. After patiently writing and collaborating on music for other performers, Amy's major label debut is finally expected to be released next year. We can't wait to hear our Windham native play her own amazing music!

In addition to staying the humble hometown girl she's always been, Amy offers up advice for any fellow Mainers hoping to make their own big dreams come to fruition:

"If you wanna do it, you just have to figure out how to make it happen," Allen told the Press Herald. "It's all online and it’s all at your fingertips. You just have to be a little savvy and be a little bit of a go-getter about it."

Go get it, go-getter Amy!


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