Maine is known for its top-rated culinary scene, hand-crafted cocktails, and locally-brewed beer. Sometimes it can seem like you can’t spend a day out around town or go to an event without it being influenced by boozy bevs.

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing but it is definitely not inclusive and accomodating for all.

A recent important and impactful trend I’m seeing with restaurants and bars is the curation of signature mocktail lists with the same attention to detail put in as their boozy cousins on the cocktail list.

The Importance of Mocktail Lists

More bars need to follow suit and should adopt full mocktail lists with the same care as they put into their alcoholic drinks. It’s a way to accommodate everyone and create a safe space where people feel included and comfortable.

You don’t need an excuse not to drink and you never need to feel like you have to share with others why you are not partaking in boozy activities. Everyone has their different reasons for drinking or not and it’s nobody else’s business. A simple mocktail list gives that person the opportunity to order a fun drink without the “why aren’t you drinking?” questions getting thrown into their face.

I personally drink cocktails because I genuinely enjoy the taste and the mixology. I love the inventive ways bartenders can blend ingredients to create a delicious and enjoyable drink. Non-alcoholic drinkers deserve the same.

I have dear friends who do not drink for varying reasons and I have seen the way their faces light up when they, too, get to sip on a pretty drink in a cute glass with a fun name rather than having to hold onto a plastic water cup or a can of Red Bull.

Whether or not you have booze in your bev is your prerogative but everyone deserves to feel included, comfortable, and to enjoy themselves when they’re out with company. A simple mocktail list can be an impactful game-changer to someone’s night.

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