It is pretty eerie to look at this comparison! Where were you on the night of....Brady? 

I am NOT one to get into politics on air or off air. Not with friends or family. Just want to make it clear. But, I saw this post on Facebook from New England Patriots Eye Candy (yes that is a real page, and you should like it right now) and I had to share it. According to WBZ Channel 4 Boston, twitter is blowing up after a pretty crazy comparison. Stormy Daniels has been in the news for a while now and I am pretty much certain you now why. Well, recently she has stated that in 2011 a man approached her and threatened her to not tell anyone about what allegedly happened between and our President. She was on 'The View' yesterday morning, and released a sketch of this man. Twitter got a hold of this sketch and people started to say it looks like our own G.O.A.T Tom Brady! You be the judge!


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