In downtown St. Paul Minneapolis, this little raccoon who scaled the 24-story UBS Plaza, had us all holding our breath.


At 2:30 in the morning Wednesday, this little guy (actually 1-year-old female)  made it to the top of the building. She was coaxed into a cage with wet cat food and will be taken out to the wild to live with other raccoons. I feel bad for this little one, NO RACCOON IN THEIR RIGHT MIND WILL BELIEVE HER STORY!

Two techs from Wildlife Management came and hauled her safely away.


Someone spotted the normally nocturnal raccoon climbing the building Tuesday. She stopped around the 21st floor for a nap, then went down a few floors - then headed back up making it to the top 2:30 Wednesday morning.


This little raccoon had her own Twitter account and it's spectacular. I think my favorite tweet is that #mprraccoon has already declined Trump's invitation to the White House.

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