Who doesn't love Slugger the Sea Dog? During every game at Hadlock Field, he entertains the crowd between innings of Portland Sea Dogs games with performances that have gained national attention. Remember the Dirty Dancing skit he did that was featured on ESPN's Sports  Center?

During the off-season, Slugger keeps busy going around the community to appear and charity events, fundraisers, and other community events.

This year he also made Halloween deliveries to kids on October 29 and 30 and of course was in his favorite costume, Iron Man.

Armed with buckets of treats ready for delivery, he would stop by homes that had signed up to have a delivery and say hello to kids. Sometimes he'd have to wait until someone got home.

Slugger shared a handful of pictures of deliveries on his Facebook page, but there was one, in particular, that was quite touching when he made a delivery to a girl.

She was all dressed up in Halloween leggings and socks. In the photo that's in the bottom left of Slugger's photo post, Slugger is kneeling down to her as the two press foreheads together.

That picture shows perfectly, just how much Slugger means to kids and adults alike. Having the Sea Dogs' famous mascot show up at your door with Halloween treats and gifts and take the time to spend with you has got to be a moment that any child will never forget.

We love you Slugger and all the great things you do on and off the field. You're the best!

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