Columbia Falls is a tiny little town in Downeast Maine that has a population of just 476 people. To put that in perspective, Portland High School has had 908 students enrolled in the 2020-2021 school year, so they had nearly twice the amount of people that live in Columbia Falls under one roof.

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This tiny little town has some big things to consider as there are plans to build the world's tallest flagpole in what will be called the "Flagpole of Freedom Park." According to News Center Maine, it would sit on 2500 acres of land and would essentially become a small city that could see visitors 6 million each year.

It's a bold and ambitious project, and if the town of Columbia Falls decides to incorporate the land, essentially making the land fall under the jurisdiction of Columbia Falls, the town would be responsible for the planning of the $1 billion Flagpole of Freedom Park. Suddenly this quiet little town would become much larger, and not all residents are in favor of that.

Now I'm not a resident of Columbia Falls, but I'm going to give my two cents on this. If I live in Columbia Falls I would say absolutely no to incorporation.

I'm all for something that honors veterans, those that died for our country and brings Americans together, but I kind of feel like a NIMBY here. "Not in my backyard." And yes, this isn't in my backyard technically, but isn't all of Maine really the backyard of everyone who lives here?

I think this project is far too ambitious and takes part of our unspoiled land and turns it into a small city. It doesn't feel like Maine to me. I wouldn't want the 476 residents of Columbia Falls stuck with that responsibility.

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