Minecraft. It's an incredibly popular game. It's been around for nearly a decade so if you have kids you've probably seen them play it and bought them merch at some point. But it's not just for kids. Folks of all ages become engrossed in the endless possibilities of building with various tools along with various terrain blocks.

You don't have to play Minecraft yourself to appreciate the hard work that goes into making truly extravagant and detailed worlds. In a way, it can be digital art. People have built Hogwarts, various locations from Star Wars, and so much more. None more impressive than that of the Auburn Mall.

Okay, so this one probably isn't going to be featured on any gaming magazine's 'Best of' lists. But it's certainly one that Mainers can truly appreciate.

YouTuber Joe Pro has spent the last few months planning and building the incredibly detailed tribute to central Maine's favorite mall.

This thing is impressive. Joe Pro was incredibly detailed in his build from the parking lot paint and lights to the gated shops and faux greenery. Joe even took into consideration the slope that the mall was built on. Inside the Minecraft mall, you'll even notice the drop ceilings and skylights. If you're interested in how he did it he does give some details mixed in with some truly cinematic shots that will leave you feeling like you're walking through the Auburn Mall's front doors.

Again, I am personally beyond impressed by this but my burning question, Joe Pro, is, how long did you wander around the Auburn Mall in order to get this done so perfectly?

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