A new smoke and vape shop near a local middle school in South Portland has parents complaining about the location being too close to the children, so a proposal that would  ban all flavored tobacco products used in electronic smoking products is now in the hands of the South Portland city council.

WGME reports That the latest statistics show vaping, especially with flavored products, has led to an increase in the use of tobacco products overall.

The article mentions a similar move to ban these products statewide, but if that doesn't go through, South Portland City Manager, Scott Morelli said city councilors are prepared to move forward with a citywide ban.

Scott Morelli said by banning those "the thought process is that these types of devices won't be as attractive and therefore might be able to help reverse the tide of the increasing use of tobacco products by students."

Council members will revisit the matter on March 26th.

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