To add some color to pride, South Portland has painted some crosswalks rainbow.


The City of South Portland put an explanation on their Facebook page:


It's actually really cool. You can see the new colorful crosswalks in Mill Creek, near the Central Fire Station and South Portland High School. Everything has been cancelled including Pride events. Pride Portland! has postponed events until August.

They actually decided to postpone everything back in March. Hopefully August will prove safe enough to have the celebration that usually attracts thousands into Portland for a parade and huge gathering at Deering Oaks Park.

Pride could look very different this year. This pandemic is in charge for so many events. Pride Portland! wants first and foremost for everyone to be safe. So many people work so hard to put together all of the great events that have in the past filled a whole week, ending with the parade down Congress Street with a huge rainbow flag.

You don't have to be LGBTQ+ to feel pride during this parade. Fingers crossed that it happens in 2020.



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