So here I was back at the beginning of the pandemic, thinking that we covered economic crisis would cause rents in Portland to drop so I could get myself a lovely luxury apartment downtown to overlook the city. It turns out I wrong, but it may have had the reverse effect as, according to CBS, 13 people have been inspired to move to Maine during this economic downturn rather than flee the cities of it, which means housing prices and demand will be on the rise.

historic city scenery seen in Portland, Maine (USA)

"I think it gives people a chance to have the job they want, and also have the life they want, wherever that might be," Sarah Andreozzi said.


Sarah, originally from Massachusetts, had plans to buy a home near her job in the big city it Boston; however, once her job decided to go fully remote and closed their office, she said I'm moving to where I want to go and who could blame her?
Even the house that I'm renting was actually up for sale, as people from out of the state looking to escape the big city want a taste of The Maine, Cape Elizabeth life. Thank God they didn't put in an offer because I'd be homeless, but you get the idea. What are your thoughts on people escaping to Maine?

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