When Lance and Rebecca DeRoche from Standish decided to do some work on their house, they found someone had left something in the wall almost 45 years ago.

When they dismantled their hearth, tucked in the wall behind it, they found an empty, vintage Miller Lite bottle and a message written on three hole punched notebook paper dated October 15, 1975. Rebecca shared a photo of it on Facebook and it reads, "This chimney was built by Lawrence Shaw of Sebago. This bottle was drank by the same man. This is his trademark!! May it stand for the next generation to see. Carl Weymouth owned the house at the time of erection.

In the margins are short little notes of what was happening in Maine and the world at the time:

  • Standish a growing town
  • Food prices outrageous
  • Inflation very high
  • Ford was President

We did some checking on those outrageous food prices. $20 worth of food works out to $87.60 in 2020. So, not much change there depending on what you're buying for food.

I makes me wonder what would be written on a note put in a wall today to be found in 2065?

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