Us Mainers are used to seeing lighthouses sprinkled across the coast and are blessed to have such a charming structure as a symbol of home.

If you’re from the state, you’ve probably visited one of our many lighthouses but have you ever spent the night in one?

Friends of Little River gives you the chance to live the life of a keeper with overnight stays at the Little River Light Station for a unique vacation unlike anything you’ve experienced before.

Friends of Little River Lighthouse

The Little River Light Station was fully restored in 1888 and is the most northeastern island light station in the United States, as their website explains.

Sitting so north offers spectacular sunrises and gives you the bragging rights of being the first in the state to see a sliver of sun appear in the mornings.

The Ideal Vacation: An Island Getaway

The island getaway is ideal for a quiet vacation in solitude and nature, the perfect place for a break from the real world. The 15-acre island has walking trails through the pines and rocky shores overlooking the Bay of Fundy.

A half-mile walk will bring you to the western end of the island where you can kiss the day goodbye with a beautiful sunset over the horizon. Saunter back to the lighthouse and take in the panoramic views of the stars from the top of the station with no light pollution or buildings to get in your way.

The Space

The station can be home to six people at a time with more than enough space and accommodations for everyone in your group.

With three rooms, full baths, kitchen, and living room, your needs will be exceeded for your night as a keeper in one of Maine’s famous light stations.

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