He's called the master of horror for a reason. Stephen King, long known for his ability to craft incredibly creepy, and goosebump-inducing stories, is generally a much different person on Twitter. He often has short quips, sports takes, and hasn't been afraid to dive into politically-charged topics over the past few years. Back in 2019, though, King stuck to his horror roots by delivering a nightmarish bedtime story in five short sentences.

If you live in Maine, or anywhere in New England for that matter, the last thing you want to hear about is ticks. Make that the last thing you ever want to hear about is ticks crawling on someone's eyes. Just the visual painted in that tweet makes all of us feel very uncomfortable.

Stephen King Promotes "Under The Dome" At Wal-Mart
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But King's tweet serves as an important reminder that as more and more of us head outdoors during the warmer months, an important practice is doing regular tick checks when you return indoors. It's for your own well-being, and if you have pets at home, their well-being too.

If you need a reminder, Maine.gov has a 'Know Your Ticks' section of their website that explains the different ticks that can be found throughout the state. Not only that, the webpage gives you the months of the year when the arachnids are most prevalent.

Wood tick

Additionally, Maine Health offers up a series of tips to help avoid any tick-borne diseases, as well as best practices in the event you found a tick on yourself or a pet and how to quickly remedy the situation.

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