There's been a recent popular trend among amusement parks to set aside some days during the season for just adults. Taking kids to the amusement park can be a busy day, and parents might not get the chance to do the things they would like to do.

Story Land in Glenn, New Hampshire, opened in 1954 as a fairytale amusement park for families. Now, 70 years later, they have jumped on the bandwagon of hosting adults-only nights.

On July 13, July 27, and August 10, Story Land will be open for adults-only "Nostalgia Nights". The fun starts at 2 p.m. for early access for VIP package purchasers, and at 5 p.m. for general admission.

Adults will get to experience everything the kids do, including the rides, food, games, live music and entertainment, and what the kids don't get to have... adult beverages. You're going to want to budget for the babysitter for these nights.

You'll want to grab your tickets early, because they'll likely sell out.

Tickets are $64.99 for general admission or $119.99 for the VIP package, which includes early park access starting at 2 p.m., and line-hopper passes for the Roar-O-Saurus and Polar Coaster, along with a merchandise package. If you have a season pass to Story Land, it covers Nostalgia Nights and gets you all kinds of perks as well.

To purchase tickets, just go to, click "Buy tickets," and on the pop-down menu, click "Nostalgia Nights".

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