It's an annual tradition. All 5 of us, Jen, 10 year old Chloe and the 7 year old twins Ben and Alden, pack it up and head to Storyland in Glen NH. But this year, we did it differently...

This year the weather was not cooperating for the day we were going. But we had planned to spend the night at Town and Country. We went to NH on Sunday, and it was very off and on stormy. So, we decided to see the Minion movie and THEN go to Storyland. We got to Storyland around 4 pm. If you go after 3, you can come back the next day free. Nice. And that's what we did.

I had never stayed at Town and Country, but did a 'Seize the Deal' for it. 100 bucks for only 65 and the room was perfect and it came with dinner and breakfast for two! I love me the free food!

Town and Country Inn and Resort

There are a few left of that deal!

It was the most relaxing trip to Storyland, thanks to the overnight. We weren't rushed, and yet, were still the last to leave the place. We always are. If you can, pack up the kids and take them to Storyland!