Just in case you needed to feel inadequate, a local Mainer just spent more than 80 hours creating an exact replica of a Maine library entirely out of LEGOs.

What have you been up to lately?

I’d like to say I’m a fairly talented person, although I couldn’t exactly pinpoint what I’m good at; I definitely don’t have a crafty gift like Colby Adolphsen, though.

Colby Adolphsen Creates LEGO Replica of Camden Public Library

The Camden Public Library recently posted on Facebook sharing Colby Adolphsen’s most recent work of art: An exact replica of the library built out of toys.

The local Mainer shared that the project was meaningful because:

“...[the library] has beautiful architecture, is picturesque in a way that is characteristic of the Maine coast, and has wonderful personal significance for me.”

As shared through the Facebook post, he and his wife took their engagement and wedding photos in the library’s amphitheater, making it an extra special and meaningful place for him.

As a Mainer who grew up in Knox county, Adolphsen spent a lot of time at the local library, so this was a fun project for him.

LEGO Replica of Camden Public Library

The replica of the library is on loan to the Camden Public Library for the next month, so if you want to see it in person, go visit the library’s first floor.

Camden Public Library - Camden, Maine via Facebook

If you do see it up close and personal, peek inside the windows! Having spent 80-90 hours on the project, he put a lot of detail into the work, inside and out.

Camden Public Library - Camden, Maine via Facebook

The artist said it took two months to create the masterpiece and his time was well spent; it is certainly a masterpiece!

You can even take a virtual tour through his Instagram.

This is an unbelievable project and the local community is fortunate to be able to see it up close right inside the building that influenced it: The Public Library of Camden.

I know I definitely don’t have the attention span to create something this detailed. I’m extremely impressed.

What’s your special talent?

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