A York Police officer and tow truck driver were almost hit by a driver while getting ready to tow a vehicle on the side of the road, and it was all caught on the officer's dashcam.

The video was shared on the York Police Department's Facebook page on Saturday morning and it shows an unidentified officer speaking with the driver from Jack's Towing on the side of a road in York when the driver sees the oncoming car shouting "Watch it! Watch it!" The officer turns and quickly jumps out of the way as the car zooms by, missing both the men by what appears to be inches.

The officer quickly runs to his cruiser to pursue the driver and eventually catches up with them.

Not only did the driver not slow down and move over as required by Maine's Move Over Law which was put into effect for this very reason, but they were also arrested for operating under the influence. The driver was charged $326 dollars for improper passing of an emergency vehicle using lights, will receive a fine of at least $275 for violation of the Move Over Law and of course, is on the hook for operating under the influence.

This video shows just how dangerous it is for emergency personnel while stopped on the side of Maine roads and highways. It's why many officers approach vehicles during traffic stops at the passenger side window, so they are in less danger of being hit by a careless driver.

Remember, if you see any vehicles on the side of the road, slow down and move over. It's the law.

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